Download War Robots MOD (Speed, Jump Height, Dumb Enemy) 10.1.1 free on Android

War Robots MOD (Speed, Jump Height, Dumb Enemy) is an action-strategy game based on the plot of Robot War. The player chooses any of the robots available in the mod. Each one is characterized by a unique style and abilities. Enemies are equally advanced. Attacks start suddenly, so you need to react in time.

Features of the game modification:

  • Advantages over enemies;
  • Increased jump height and length;
  • Increased movement speed;
  • Ability to choose any robot;
  • Quality graphics and sound effects;
  • During the game, in addition to participating in frequent battles, you can improve your robot.

The plot of the game is based on battles between huge robots. The war has engulfed the whole world, and the existence of mankind was threatened. But some robots stood up to defend humans. The character is one of them. Now the player will have to either join the team or become a lone hero in defense of humans.Character management is simple. There is a radar in the bottom right corner. The appearance of red dots indicates that the enemy is approaching.

Expert Tip. Do not use the jump length and jump height boost at the same time. It will not have the proper effect. In War Robots you can play solo or team up with other characters to fight together. You can create an entire clan together or join another clan.
Menu Mod:
  • Speed Multiplier
  • Set Jump Height
  • Set Jump Far
  • Bots don’t shoot
  • Dumb Bots

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