Download Sky Wings MOD (Unlimited Gold, Magnet Active) 3.2.15 free on Android

Pixel space, bright colorful battles, armadas of fast enemy ships, strong and tenacious bosses, precious crystals, upgrades and just one little stormtrooper - all this is Sky Wings: Pixel Fighter 3D - a game in the genre of scrolling shooter, which can not only "kill time", but also give minutes and hours of entertainment.

It's not my fault who didn't hide!

Gazing at the distant launch platform, we realize that we may never see home again. Our goal is, as the Earth Federation's only remaining but still capable ship, to fight back against the alien forces. Their space fleet, on the other hand, numbers hundreds and hundreds of invading ships. And with them come the bosses. Whose survivability can shock anyone.

But not us. We're ace, professional. How to fight is in our blood. Therefore, not at all embarrassed and not afraid of danger, we fly across the endless expanses to meet any battle. All the more dead alien ships are split into crystals - a resource Earthlings need. Which, in addition, allows you to improve your ship's design right in space.

You can use one of three superweapons to attack and eliminate untold enemy waves. Tip: Most importantly, don't waste precious projectiles on rank-and-file enemies.

Game Features:

  • high replayability;
  • frantic dynamics;
  • wild soundtrack;
  • retro graphics.
Menu Mod:
  • Gold Drop Pieces x10
  • Magnet Always Active
  • Magnet Attraction x1000

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