Download Spaghetti Game Part 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) 0.8 free on Android

Spaghetti Game 2 (Mod, Unlimited Likes) - a full-fledged arcade and clicker, in the game everyone will become a blogger! The main goal is to earn likes, which are added if you break spaghetti to move to a new level of popularity. Everything starts with a timer report, the time on which gradually decreases. Break the spaghetti to earn as many likes as possible!

Test your speed and reaction!

To earn more popularity and increase likes, the player must break spaghetti in the marked places. The faster the reaction and button press speed, the more you can earn per level. Gradually the difficulty increases, for this purpose the time on the timer decreases and the places to break also change faster.

To overtake the others faster, try to earn the maximum number of likes per level. This will be easy at first, but as time goes on, the game will test your mettle by unexpectedly throwing in a serious increase in difficulty. The more likes, the more popular the character is. You can make him more popular than celebrities!

Game Features

  • Unique design of all levels.
  • Speed and reaction is important.
  • Built-in mod will increase likes and popularity.
  • Changeable pets
  • Unlimited likes.
  • Open all heroes.
  • Open all items.
  • No ads shown.

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