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Deafening thrash, incomprehension of "what?", "where?" and "why?", humor of not even toilet, but sub-toilet level, realization that adequacy in this world has come to an end (and it really has) - all this is Monster Survival Toilet Fight - a game, because of which parents severely punish their children and send them to the Unarmy for re-education.

"I don't understand anything, even though everything looks familiar and simple..."

That's what a friend of mine once said when he first started this game. Now his wife has left him, his kids have run away. And even the dog, having thrown an uneaten bone, has decided that he'd rather live in a dumpster - because all of his master's attention has gone to fighting toilet monsters.

In short, MSTF is:

  • the fiercest thrashiness for the most rabid children and adults;
  • a mixture of all the nastiest things in one game;
  • a treasure trove of craziness and abstraction;
  • shooting, which gives nothing but meat, minced meat and bloody snot splattered on the three-dimensional coordinate axis.

But isn't this what you've been waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted? - A game that completely erases the boundaries of what is allowed; a game that drives you crazy from the very first minutes; a game from which you expect your brain to shut down forever, and only a drop of saliva falling on your hairy chest (or not) would bring you to your senses.

I implore you - set an alarm clock so you don't oversleep for school or work - for MSTF is a creation of the Devil that eats up time like nothing else eats it up.

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