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An old woman who has gone mad, an old, damp mansion, four dozen rooms with creaky floorboards, two dozen puzzles, and a few allies, just like you, who are hoping to get out of here as soon as possible - all this is Granny Horror Multiplayer - a disgusting "survival" game about a so-so vacation in a very strange small town.

Did you want to see your grandmother on vacation?

And Grandma, like the rest of the quiet town's residents, has simply disappeared, leaving an empty house in her place. Once inside, we find several other people who claim the door only opens from the outside. They've been trying to get out for the last hour. But no luck so far. The lights go off here and there, objects fall to the floor by themselves, and it seems as if someone is following them.

After the initiation into the story, our journey begins. Now we, as part of a small group, will have to find our way out. But without getting caught by the eyes of our grandmother, who is not our grandmother at all now - but just her appearance, inside of which a terrible essence has settled, giving her aging bones and muscles unprecedented strength, capable of crushing the neck of a healthy man with one hand.

Tip: Never abandon an ally caught by the babka! He can still be revived, brought back to life, and together continue looking for a way out.

Game Features:

  • quiet horror atmosphere;
  • 20 riddles and mini-games;
  • good graphics;
  • team interaction;
  • high replayability.

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