Download KUBOOM 3D MOD (Skins Unlock, God Mode, Ammo) 7.53 free on Android

Download the latest version of KUBOOM 3D MOD (Skins Unlock, God Mode, Ammo) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

KUBUM 3D: Online FPS shooters - shootouts in the style of KS and Minecraft on more than 20 locations and in 4 modes: from PvP battles in "Duels" and "Capture Points" to PvE-battles in "ZombieMod" and "Battle Royale".

Lego + Minecraft + CS on your smartphone

Dynamic action, "cubic" graphics, characters stylized as Lego figures - this is the key thing that catches your eye at the first launch. Add two dozen levels, four modes, and more than a hundred (!) skins that turn yellow Lego dummies into Marvel or DC superheroes, and you've got a diverse and interesting game that runs smoothly on weak devices.

PvE and PvP - 2 modes designed to make the game more diverse through gameplay. In PvE the player will fight against crowds of zombies, earning points and experience. For points you can open cases, inside which there are parts of costumes or skins to change the appearance of weapons. Experience increases the rank of the account. PvP battles have the same thing, but the AI will be replaced by the same players.

The game has passed the beta testing stage, but in case a player finds a bug, he can go to the official website of the game and fill out a form with the error code and its description.

Game Features:

  • modern graphics;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • customization from A to Z;
  • high optimization.
Menu mod:
  • Dumb enemies
  • Unlocked all skins & characters
  • Freeze Bot
  • Istant Respawn

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