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Garten of Banban 4 is a horror game about a kindergarten, where one little kid is lost. It would seem that it is difficult to break into the kindergarten at night and find this kid. Only there is one little snag - the garden has turned into a labyrinth, and the night does not think to end. So the father of the kid gathers his will in a fist and goes to rescue his offspring from the otherworlds.

There's still a long way to go before dawn...

Doors, doors, doors... it feels as if they have no thought of ending. And between the doors are dimly lit, winding passageways that lead to the underworld, or to a somnambulistic world overrun by creepy creatures that hypnotize and hallucinate those who dare to enter their territory at the snap of their fingers. And that's all we have to endure. Good thing we have an assistant.

It is hidden, it does not show itself, and it speaks to us only by means of notes and inscriptions on the walls. These are not specific messages telling us which way to go, but only hints directing us to riddles and puzzles. Solving them is a direct path to the exit. But first we must save the baby, whose voice sometimes breaks through long passages and locked doors.

Curious to know: Sometimes the baby's voice will be heard particularly clearly. It means we're heading in the right direction. And by listening to it, we can figure out where we need to go at that very moment.

Features of the game:

  • modern graphics;
  • oppressive atmosphere;
  • riddles and puzzles.

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