Download Lonely Survivor Mod (Menu, Money, God Mode) 1.33.0 free on Android

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Lonely Survivor Mod (Menu, Money, God Mode)

Battle with a thousand troops on one screen, spells that turn the game into a carnival of fireworks and pyrotechnics, fast and unblinking action - all this is Lonely Surviror - a game about one little girl, who, despite her young age, has managed to hone her magic skills and is ready to stand up for the defense of the magical kingdom.

Fight, study, cast!

Hordes of undead have attacked a peaceful country lost somewhere between the domains of orcs and elves. There is no end to the creatures of the underworld, and the kingdom is nearly devoid of able-bodied soldiers. There's no one left to help. I wish I could just surrender... But no! You, as the last hope for life, take your worn staff and start the final battle. During 24 levels you will have to spew flames like a dragon; freeze your opponents like a breath of an ice troll; and like an ancient basilisk poison clouds.

To get started you need to:

  • even a great warrior needs experience and skill progression;
  • enemies are of several types - some burn to the ground, others have resistance to fire;
  • bosses can be invulnerable and can summon up to a hundred minions to help.
  • And also protective fields are not exactly a panacea against attacks, but just a short shelter, which can evaporate at any moment.
Tip: Enemies immune to one of the elements usually receive increased (if not double or triple) damage from the others. Thus, a fire elemental doesn't care about fireballs, but will lie down in two seconds after receiving a dose of ice magic.
Menu Mod:
  • Move Speed Multiplier
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mod
  • Inject Gold
  • Instant Kill All Monsters

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