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Garten of Banban 3 is a horror game with puzzle elements. You will have to find out what is hiding in yourself ordinary kindergarten Banban? And to investigate this scary to the point of shivering story you need to solve a variety of riddles and puzzles. But you'll have to do it quickly, because the locals are on the hunt.

Important: Despite its apparent simplicity, the game has a very deep and thought-out plot. It can only be fully understood by playing the previous installments of the Garten of Banban series.

Unremarkable daycare center

In a small town, a child goes missing without a trace and no one dares to go looking for him. After all, underneath the kindergarten there is a whole labyrinth of dungeons where someone is always disappearing. You'll have to take matters into your own hands and go looking for him, risking your own life.

You will wander through endless corridors, each time descending lower and lower into the depths of this dungeon. Along the way you'll encounter all sorts of monsters to escape from and puzzles that are not so easy to solve. The further you can go, the more terrible secrets of these rooms will open for you.

Game Features

  • Frightening atmosphere of constant anxiety.
  • Large and diverse locations.
  • Very complex and original puzzles.
  • Creepy plot with many secrets.

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