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Twisted Lovestruck Mod (Free Premium Choices)

A mysterious house in the forest wilderness, one girl, four furry guys, romance, love, intrigue, riddles and puzzles - it's all a night in the forbidden forest mod lots of diamonds - a game that immerses all teenagers in the sweet atmosphere inherent in their tender age.

Want to weave intrigue? Please. You can easily strangle the guys if you confess warm feelings to each of them. But even here you will be waiting for one insidious moment. What's that? And here here we will avoid spoilers.

Love, passion and intrigue within four walls

Not enough romance, feeling cared for or even loved? Four furry guys are ready to fall in love with an ordinary Japanese girl from the provinces. She is the one who ends up in a mysterious hut at the edge of the forest from which there is no escape on foot. And only love with one of the guys will help her to return home again. If, of course, she wants to.

The player will have to live in the role of a teenage girl, who not in a dream, but in reality has met strange, but certainly well-mannered and gallant guys. Each of them - the standard of attitude to the girl. Who to choose? - is not yet clear. To help us with this:

  • thousands of lines of dialog;
  • empathy scales;
  • puzzles solved;
  • the snippets of letters that make up the plot.

And also my own intuition. I wanted to avoid spoilers, but one of the guys may turn out to be a traitor. By the way, and no one forbids you to deceive any of the characters just to get home.

  • Free Premium Choices
  • Latest version 2024
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