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Garten of Banban is a horror movie about childhood fears that decided not to give up on us, even when we became adults. These are not just fears, they are places that were in the closet, under the bed, in the hallway to the toilet - in general, where a child is afraid to look in the dark.

Open your eyes, baby, you're already under the bed!

It's hard to know whether you've fallen into a lethargic sleep, whether all this is really happening, or whether you're already dead. All around you hallucinations begin to boil, which mixed with each other, finally create a picture of a world very similar to ours. But unlike reality, this place is completely silent and seems empty... Until the first enemy attacks from behind. And then the cries of our child, who is somewhere out there in the distance, reach our ears.

Making our way through mazes, hiding from creepy monsters, solving puzzles we will have to go through the whole kindergarten, finding ourselves in our dream. Or we find ourselves inside our baby's dream. Or supernatural forces just decided to play with us - it is not clear. One thing is clear - there is a way out, but we need to get to it without losing our minds and taking our child out of the clutches of shadowy creatures.

Tip: Look closely and you'll realize that even the most complex puzzle has one very simple solution.

Game Features:

  • interesting plot;
  • surreal atmosphere;
  • lots of puzzles and mini-games.

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