Download NBA 2K14 Mod Kuroko 1.30 free on Android

NBA 2K14 Mod Kuroko is a basketball simulator, in which you will not meet the usual players with a name. Instead of them here... favorite characters from anime cartoons, games, short stories and everything else on the list. And the game is hardly over. After all, basketball simulator is an over replayable thing. Endless championships, cool prizes, off-season drafting, feints, dunks, slam dunks and so on and so forth. And when the game looks like candy, it's a treat. Add intuitive controls to modern graphics and you get what you always wanted to see in sports simulators. Namely:

  • easy ball control;
  • excitement that is not hindered by frantic controls;
  • clear and easy to learn "chips";
  • on/off auto-passes and auto-throws.

And customizable AI of allies and opponents. But if you get tired of beating computer dummies, you can easily go online and join an already created game or create your own by recruiting top basketball players (experience and skill scales are present).

Curious to know: Canceling a shot, you can make a pass with a sharp movement. Such a "trick", reception, "deception" for a second or two disorient the opposing team, and you will be able to make a quick attack in the meantime.

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