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Peeing in your crib to wake up adults, screaming when you wake up in fear, staring into the dark and seeing scary images, being afraid to be alone indoors - these are all side effects after Fnaf Plus Modile, the best fan-made battery-powered scary movie about deranged rosta dolls.

Fiddling, moving, doors slamming...

... screams of despair, cold sweat, shaking knees, trembling hands, dry mouth... What else can you add when you're left alone with broken animatronics that are coming to kill you. And of weapons - only video cameras and electronic locks. You could say you're locked in, and that's it, wait for the morning. But there's not enough battery power for everything. You have to choose which doors to keep open and which cameras to keep running so you can see the animatronics moving.

But every night, these electronic creatures get smarter. They start splitting up, moving through different rooms, hiding, helping each other. I wish I could get through the week and quit this damn job that pays pennies. But here it comes. All the doors and shutters are closed, so you can't leave in the morning. I'll have to be on duty all week, and it's only the first shift...

Tip: Always close the doors in front of crazy toys' noses - that way you'll save battery power. But be careful, some of these creeps can break locks or kick doors in.

Game Features:

  • just the most horrible atmosphere;
  • constant creaks, muffled stomping, shrieking and the cold clanking of metal;
  • redesigned engine and modified scripts.

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