Download Ronin: The Last Samurai MOD (Dumb Enemy/Damage Multipliers) 2.10.670 free on Android

Crowds of angry enemies, the glint of steel, the splash of blood, honor and betrayal - all this is Ronin: The Last Samurai (Menu Mod)! The player will go from a warrior betrayed by all to the greatest samurai of all time. Along the way we will also be able to collect resources, exchanging them for money, food, medicine or quest items.

A warrior has no goal, only a path...

Medieval Japan is our springboard to prepare for a decisive battle. We will spill rivers of blood, improve our skills with edged weapons, pursue enemies, complete quests, and upgrade our ammunition, all to fulfill the last vow we made to our dying master - to find and get even with the secret ninja order that started the bloody chain of events.

And to help us with this:

  • more than 50 secondary characters;
  • about 200 types of weapons (katanas, stars, whips, throwing knives);
  • convenient combat and skill tree.
Bleeding, broken limbs, and poisoning can kill a character if you don't take the right potion or find a healer in the nearest village. However, with the help of some herbs that grow everywhere, you can dull the pain, reduce the symptoms and delay the moment of death.

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