Download My Summer Car (Full Version) 1.71 free on Android

My Summer Car is not exactly a racing simulator, but a whole slice of life of one 19-year-old student who said goodbye to his parents who went on vacation and was left on his own. What came out of it? Watch this. So, a two-story house, a hot summer, a garage and a retro car. What do you do to keep yourself busy and get some use out of it? Repair the old bug, of course. That's what we've got here:

  • a garage with all the tools you need;
  • time and money;
  • head and hands.

And an endless number of repair attempts. Plus, once you've repaired your car, you can test it out in a huge open world where pedestrians walk, cars drive, and traffic cops stand guard. But before going to the city, our Datsun must pass technical inspection. And for this purpose every screw on the body and every pipe under the hood must be fixed. Otherwise, we'll go back to the garage to redo the joints. And in the near future we will not see any summer city rides.

Important: MSC is really not a racing simulator. Rather, the game is a simulation of an auto mechanic. The physical model of car behavior is close to natural. All spare parts are taken into account, as well as all the smallest details that make up the engine, gearbox and so on. Learning to repair an old car in the game, you can acquire theoretical knowledge that will be useful in life.

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