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Slovo Pacana Ataka Chushpanov - Immerse yourself in the world of street rules. Try to prove to everyone that you are a real kid. Feel the atmosphere of the series and test your knowledge in the quiz: Patsan or Chushpan? Choose your own path, kid or dude. Try to make your own gang and become the leaders of the neighborhood. Develop skills and improve abilities. Go through the quiz and find out what status you would be assigned to the street. Confirm your reputation and prove to everyone that you are a real kid. Participate in challenges and complete tasks. Gain the respect of the streets. Additionally participate in events and tournaments to earn money. Join and prove right now who is the boss on the streets.

Quite a good toy, allowing you to check how closely the players watched the series. You can fight both "gang-on-gang" and "one-on-one". If you're not sure of your strength, it's easier to sacrifice a couple of dudes, but in return you'll get a new neighborhood and the remaining strong fighters.

The Kazan of the 80's, the boys who are in street gangs, occupied and free territories, broken windows, empty beer bottles and, of course, love for a modest girl - all this is Words of a Patsan: Attack of Chushpanov - a game about the time when the very concept of "word" was still worth something.

Who are you if you're not ready to die for the guys?

The game about guys has reached our cell phones. And right after launching it offers to fly and beat the faces of those who consider themselves stronger, taller, faster. However, you can think about it and take over a few neighboring neighborhoods, where dudes live or there are gangs weaker than ours. That way we'll have the first backbone - even if it's weak, but quantity can make the difference.

Arm your buddies with sticks, rosettes, water pipes. And now we can attack the guarded areas. After capturing a couple of them, we will own a couple of local eateries - centers for our meetings, where we can take permanent quests. By completing them, we'll earn money. This money can be spent on equipping the gang or taking a girl out on a date.

Game Features:

  • The presence of an interesting quiz that allows you to find out who you are.
  • Ability to create your own gang.
  • Quests and tasks allow you to make the game more interesting.
  • Tournaments allow you to earn.
  • The 80's, the time of crime, gangs.
  • Replicas from the series;
  • Actors identical to game characters.

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