Download StandKnife (Private server) 2.2 F2 free on Android

We present to your attention a private server StandKnife 2.2 F2 on Android! With this unique software you will get access to advanced features and benefits of your favorite game, absolutely free! StandKnife is a fresh look at the classic gameplay, with the addition of new features, characters and maps. Now you can enjoy the gameplay on a new level, thanks to numerous improvements and optimization for your device.

StandKnife privy features:

  • Expanded arsenal of weapons and equipment: unlock new weapons and equipment that were previously unavailable in the original version of the game.
  • Enhanced Characters: Upgrade your characters by unlocking new abilities and skills that make them even stronger on the battlefield.
  • Variety of game maps: fight on new, unique locations, each of which has its own features and strategic advantages.
  • Endless game mode: endless battle against waves of enemies, where your task is to last as long as possible.
  • Support for all Android devices: the game is optimized to work on various devices, from budget smartphones to top tablets.
⚔️ Join the game in the new "Rocket Scuffle" mode. Explosions everywhere! Blast your enemies using unique rocket weapons. ⚔️

Added new features!

  • New interface
  • New modes "Rocket Scuffle" and "Pistols Only"
  • New map "Dune"
  • New "Fang" knife
  • More stickers
  • Stat track skins
  • Promo codes and news
  • Updated Battle Pass
  • Cases, Boxes, Stickerpacks
  • Coins for buying boxes
  • New redesigned filters
  • New window when you first enter the game
  • Gifts at login
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor changes

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