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Mon Bazou is a car simulator with sandbox elements, very reminiscent of My Summer Car. The player will have to first restore and then tuning his own car. To do this, you will have to find a job, chop wood and deliver pizza. The reward is the opportunity to participate in cool races, but before that it will be necessary to find a way to steadily obtain parts for good upgrades.

The plot of the game begins in 2005, somewhere in rural Canada. A local resident decides one day that it's time to change his life dramatically and from the remains of a car in the garage it is necessary to assemble something similar to a car. The beginning of the game resembles a quest - the player must assemble a car from parts. After that, the opportunity to work and perform tasks opens up. The open world contains many interesting opportunities to earn money. One of them is collecting maple syrup, shipping and farming are also available. Exploring the world around you will also give money bonuses and speed up progress.

You can also explore the world on foot, but it will take longer.

After the player earns enough money, tuning will become available. You should change not only the inside of the car, but also the external elements along with coloring. Subsequently, the player can begin to participate in complex races to become a recognized daredevil of rural roads. Hardcore fans can appreciate a series of Challenges - races with increased complexity, where you will have to show all your skills.

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