Download Jungle: Otome Romance Games MOD (Unlimited Soul, Time) 10.05.03 free on Android

Hate and love, meetings and breakups, friendship and betrayal, strength and tenderness - all this is Jungle: Anime Novella - a visual novel about a cute Japanese girl who finds herself in neon Tokyo at a time when the city is flooded with gangs. The game will appeal to all fans of romance and love stories.

Scoundrels, quests and love

To survive in a turbulent metropolis, our heroine had to join the ranks of the gang "Jungle". Thieves, murderers, criminals of all stripes took the girl and imposed on her to do petty business. And how lucky she was to be the only pretty lady. All attention was riveted upon her person. Four young bosses immediately offered to lend their support. But who to choose?

This is what the player will have to do. Performing quests, weaving intrigue, plotting and doing sometimes not the most pleasant things, by the end of the game you need to take the leading niche. And take one of the four bosses with you. Or take none, sneakily killing all of them or simply leaving them with nothing. There are hundreds of plot twists in the game. So it's up to you.

As much as you'd like to be friends with all the guys, you'll have to pick one. He'll be the main driving force that can bring down the other three or get rid of them altogether. What to do with him, it's up to you.

Game Features:

  • story duration - 8 hours;
  • 5,000 pages of text;
  • replayability due to plot developments;
  • many mini-games.

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