Slovo Patsana Mod (Unlimited money 2024)

Download the latest version of Slovo Patsana Mod (Unlimited money 2024) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Patsana's Word is a mobile game based on the most popular TV series, which tells about the complicated life of street gangs from the mid-80s. Three-dimensional Kazan courtyards, shabby entrances of "Khrushchevoks" and "Stalinoks", beer, girls, fights, loyalty and betrayal - all this is Slovo Patsana - a game that will take us back to the 80s of the last century and will give us hours of irrepressible nostalgia together with our favorite characters of the sensational series. Download the game Patsan's Word with hack using the button below.

"...You're a kid now, you're off the streets now, and there are enemies all around..."

After "Mafia", "Boomer" and "Brigada", a game that has outdone these three monsters of movie and game development in terms of immersion has arrived on our smartphone screens. Kazan, in the 80s of the twentieth century, outside the window of the paneled houses you can see the end of the socialist system and the approach of capitalism, which promises money and power only to the most courageous and daring.

The player has to start his way from a chushpan and eventually become an authority - the first ruler of fates in the midst of the collapsing ideas of the proletariat. However, to prevent us from becoming a "naber van" can be the same noisy-headed kids from the neighboring districts. Their hands have already taken over several neighborhoods. Now our task is to reclaim the area, adding dozens of paneled boxes and the guys who live there to our run-down yard.

What we'll have to do:

  • fist-fight ("one-on-one" or "gang-on-gang");
  • race around the neighborhoods in a private car or cab;
  • make a ruckus inside local eateries; [fight with the cops.
  • And also earn reputation points and money. The latter can be spent on gifts for your favorite violinist.
Tip: In a fight, it is easy to win if you dodge your opponent's attacks and counter-strike in time. Firstly, it will be much faster; and secondly, it is more practical.

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