Download Toilet Zombie War MOD (Unlocked) 1.0.2 free on Android

Toilet Zombie War is a two-dimensional action game set in the famous world of skibidy toilets, where they added toilet zombies. These creatures are always hungry and ready to devour the player as soon as they get to the line separating your neighborhood and their respawn point. And the bastards keep crawling and crawling... Well, nothing, we have something to answer. We've got three types of roadblocks at our disposal. The first is the usual road cones, which are not too effective, but still help to slow down the onslaught of zombies. And then it gets more interesting. The second type is the zoldaten officeren TV-head. Powerful, smart, can shoot and blinds the enemy. The third is just as cool, but also scares the dead away with a loud meme song called "skibidi".

There are up to 20 barrages per level. The cones are fewer in number, while the others are much more numerous. Which is nothing short of exhilarating. We love the shooting and the torn off limbs. But that's not all! We will also have a large atomic bomb. You can use it only once per level, but for any stalemate situation you can't find a better tool. Run out of agents, fallen barriers, and crowds of monsters come and go? It's time to strike! And all in the dust...

Tip: Cones and agents can be arranged in a "snake", then the enemies will move along this "snake". This will give us a little time to prepare for the next attack.

Game Features:

  • high replayability;
  • inventing different tactics;
  • wall-to-wall combat;
  • nuclear bomb (one, but what a bomb!).

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