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Dozens of creepy monsters from the underworld, flying chunks of flesh and rivers of blood, death cries, hearing which one demon in hell dies of a heart attack, as well as nostalgia - hot and unceasing nostalgia for the old days - all this is DOOM - perhaps the best shooter of the last century (for dads and grandpas). Download "DOOM" on Android and plunge into the world of madness and horror.

Chainsaw or shotgun?

While monsters fill the halls of futuristic levels, one might consider what weapon is best to exorcise demons into hell - firearm, plasma or chainsaw? The first thing that comes to mind is any of them! All three are able to arrange such a bloody carnival that if your mother looks over your shoulder and sees what you are playing there, she is not just surprised, but probably shrieks "Ouch!" and cross herself three times.

It will be possible to reassure mom by saying that:

  • demons and devils in the game are more than a dozen types (and they all deserve to die);
  • there are more than enough weapons - 15 types (not to worry);
  • there are full of health kits and armor.

And you can also find secret rooms, inside of which are additional tools for killing enemies or your own defense.

Tip: Finding hiding places is not an easy task. You can endlessly poke at walls, dive underwater, jump on pedestals and elevated areas, and still not find anything. The easiest and most practical way is to look at the protrusions sticking out of the walls, which are not buttons and generally lead to nowhere - they will tell you that the secret is within reach.
DOOM (Full Version)

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