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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is a non-children's horror with a children's theme. Our time. An abandoned toy factory. Rooms, warehouses, workshops, conveyors - everywhere is silence. And only the echo of our footsteps awakens the otherworldly force sleeping inside the plush toys. Now we have to get out of the factory, which has become a haven for hundreds and thousands of plush killers.

The main thing is don't stop!

We will be chased by a monster, which looks unfriendly, not to mention its supernatural abilities. We will have to run a lot and for a long time, hide inside lockers, awnings, climb into boxes and crates - do everything to avoid being caught and eaten by the creepy creature. One careless move and we'll be in the jaws of the plush monster.

And while he's lost sight of us, we have to open doors to other rooms - the ones that lead closer and closer to the exit. To do this, you need to correctly solve all sorts of puzzles, which may seem simple at first glance, but in reality require a lot of concentration. In words it is easy and simple. But don't forget that somewhere out there, in the darkness, almost silently wanders the one who will find us one way or another.

The only good thing is that our stalker, although he has a phenomenal sense of smell, is not at all smart. If we hide in a box or a cupboard in front of him, he will turn his nose a little and run away to look for us somewhere else.

Game Features:

  • oppressive atmosphere;
  • favorite characters as "bad guys";
  • Horror fans will love it!

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