Download Dead Cells MOD (Unlocked DLC, Unlimited Cells) 3.3.15 free on Android

Download the latest version of Dead Cells MOD (Unlocked DLC, Unlimited Cells) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Dead Cells is an action platformer for Android phones and tablets that combines the genres of rouguelike, metroidvania and indie. The player has to explore a huge, constantly changing castle. If, of course, you manage to get past the experienced guards inside. Controlling the subject of a failed alchemical experiment, players will have to figure out what is happening on a strange island where something is constantly changing, growing, as if under a spell.

Features of Dead Cells:

  • No rules. Kill, die, repeat.
  • The game's branching progression and wide variety of unlockable skills provide an adrenaline rush that won't let up throughout the game.
  • You cannot save during the game. There is only one attempt to reach the final boss. If the player makes a mistake, they will have to start over.
  • If the game has to be restarted due to character death, some locations, access to new levels and mutations will be saved.
  • A huge variety of weapons: swords, bows, spells, turrets, grenades for an interesting game.


  • +Return to Castlevania DLC
  • Time for some vampire slaying
  • New storyline - overcome the Ruler of Darkness alongside Alucard and Richter Belmont,
  • 2 new biomes - Explore Dracula's Castle and its outskirts
  • 9 new monsters - Werewolves, haunted armors, and medusas are waiting for you
  • 14 new weapons - wield the Vampire Killer or the Holy Water to defeat creatures of the night
Mod Info:
  • License check disabled
  • All DLC purchased and installed
  • Absolute immortality (menu control is available)
  • Large random damage (the amount of damage is generated virtually by the operating system according to the circumstances. Menu control is available)
  • Unlimited money (menu control is available)
  • Unlimited cells (menu control is available)
  • Google Play Core tethering disabled

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