Download Worms Merge: idle snake game MOD (Increased Rewards) 1.5.0 free on Android

Snake Merge: idle io game [Increased Rewards] is a combination of snake and merge in one game. The point is to control your snake, eat different fruits and other items in the levels, and attack enemy snakes. There are different game modes for single-player and multiplayer. Users will be able to choose the gameplay of their choice and make the necessary customizations. Their worm can also be improved between playthroughs.

For example, change his skin and different chips. However, all the main action takes place on levels. On them, the snake can be increased, as well as crossed with others to create even more epic varieties. The game has two-dimensional graphics with very detailed and pleasant drawing. Visual effects, animation and richness of colors, se at the highest level. Management is intuitive, with everything can be handled even with one finger.

Game Features

  • Addictive gameplay that skillfully combines a fun snake and fusion simulator.
  • Generating levels, a variety of enemies, items and conditions.
  • Upgrading your worm, creating new unique species and constantly growing this creature.
  • Single and multiplayer mode at the player's discretion.
  • Mod for many rewards for completing levels.
  • High Gem Reward Merge
  • Magnet Always Active

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