Download Battle of Polytopia MOD (All Content Unlocked) free on Android

The Battle of Polytopia [All Content Unlocked] is a polygonal turn-based strategy game dedicated to the development of your own civilization. The player will be able to choose a tribe and go through the ages with it. The essence of the game is to capture the map, namely, all the lands on it and other kingdoms. The game has a variety of gameplay chips, and it is rightly fashionable to refer to the genre of 4X. As users will be able to build, fight, develop and expand. There are different game modes, including not only combat, but also development and creativity. The latter disables enemies altogether and gives room for free play and constant improvement. There are hundreds of types of buildings, units and technologies, which can be mastered and studied in the passage.

Create your own civilization

Players can build their own settlement, develop buildings and study technology. Opponents do the same, creating a dynamic game world that evolves before your eyes. You can also conduct diplomatic relations, trade, technology exchange, and of course combat. There are dozens of types of troops, and units can be improved, upgraded, send them into battle. Everything happens in turn-based mode, you can use tactical tricks, and also happens and random calculation to some extent.

Game Features

  • The opportunity to lead a tribe and create a thriving civilization.
  • Construction of buildings, economic development and trade.
  • Learning new technologies for development, with the transition through the centuries and millennia.
  • Turn-based management, including battles taking place in the same mode. Dozens of troop types, including soldiers and then vehicles.
  • Nice and pleasing to the eye three-dimensional graphics in polygonal style.
  • The modification unlocks paid content, which makes the game wider and bigger in all aspects.

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