Download Racing Legends Funzy MOD [Free Rewards] 1.0.23 / 1.9.11 free on Android

Racing Legends Funzy (Free Rewards) is a racing arcade game that is filled with adrenaline-pumping races on picturesque roads. Players will have to go to the city streets, as well as in various other locations to plunge into the world of racing. A distinctive feature is that everything happens in bright colorful places, where the sun floods the streets, and greenery fills everything with a summer atmosphere of serenity. And in this place you will have to race at great speeds, using powerful sports cars and simply elite expensive cars. Single career will allow you to start from the bottom and get to the very top in the world of racing, show your talents to the full. The plot will present colorful characters who are part of history and this world.

Show off your racing talents

The career will offer intense races in a variety of modes and on dozens of tracks. And on some of them there is traffic, which will be an additional challenge, because you will have to maneuver. When not enough races with bots, you can go into multiplayer mode. Online allows you to race with real rivals from around the world. In any of the options, you can buy cars, as well as tuning them. Tuning offers a wide range of opportunities to make the car unique. You can not only change the internal parts to improve performance, but also decorate the car at your discretion.

Free purchases are activated in the modified version. Thanks to this, it will be possible to purchase practices any content without restrictions.

Game Features

  • Three-dimensional graphics of high resolution, which conveys the spirit of high speed and cool beautiful cars.
  • Dozens of cars for every taste and color, which can be purchased as you pass and pump at your discretion.
  • A variety of races in dynamic modes on dozens of sunny tracks.
  • Casual, but very pleasant driving physics.
You don’t have to watch ads to get rewards, and you can buy for free.

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