Download FIFA Mobile 23 KR 13.0.10 free on Android

FIFA Mobile 23 KR is a soccer simulator in which you can play as a representative of one of the legendary soccer clubs, or create and coach a team under your own leadership! There are practically no limits to the player's possibilities when creating a team.

To select a new team, you can gradually buy out the best players from different divisions to build a team that can perform and compete with the most experienced teams. This will bring a lot of glory and money if you win, as well as reducing the expense of buying out expensive players!

New features have been unveiled!

Korean version of FIFA is a bit different from the original, because here the main focus is on players from Korea, including Korean soccer clubs and tournaments. Some players have been replaced in favor of the Korean theme, including the design, redesigned game balance of players, their cards, adjusted characteristics. Entire Korean soccer divisions and new major tournaments have been created with cards and players who are best known in the region. Check out the strongest and most promising representatives of soccer in Korea!

Game Features

  • Almost complete replacement of all players for the Korean region
  • Changing the balance of cards and player characteristics
  • New tournaments and soccer divisions

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