Download Desert Riders MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortality) 1.4.22 free on Android

Hot sands, armed raiders, classic Impalas and turbocharged minivans packed with rocket launchers, machine guns and flamethrowers - all this is Desert Riders, an adrenaline-pumping arcade racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world of off-roading and speeding across dusty desert dunes! But first you need to build your car from junk and equip it with guns!

Drive, Shoot and Crash

In this endless world, hundreds and thousands of enemies have risen to the surface. Having taken away the cars of the remaining civilians, they have almost completed the chaos started by the military that destroyed the planet. Now only you, as the only courageous hero, must stop these subhumans. And you'll have a weapon-packed car, as well as a pair of faithful satellites - one at the GPS station, the other in the garage.

The first one will signal distress or mass gatherings of bandits. The second will help you stuff your car with only the best parts and weapons. But you'll have to pay for everything. Performing tasks, killing enemies, on your account will drop points - post-nuclear currency. For it you can not only improve the car, but also buy a new one, which will be superior in characteristics to any of your car, standing in the garage or left to do justice.

Tip: When close contact with enemies, machine guns are best. Grenade launchers and flamethrowers can damage your vehicle.

Game Features:

  • nice graphics;
  • more than a hundred different missions;
  • fierce battles while driving through the wastelands.
MOD 1 Info:
  • Unlimited Money (after buying any car);
  • Get rewards without watching ads;
  • Immortality.
MOD 2 Info:
  • Unlimited Money.

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