Download Standknife Simulator 2024 (Private Server) 2.2 B free on Android

Standknife Simulator 2024 (Private Server)

Standknife Simulator 2024 - The most popular Standoff 2 private server, play your favorite game with a bunch of mods, on new maps and with new game modes. Test your skills, aim, throw and hit different targets in challenging environments.

Standknife Simulator is a "cheat" program for people who play Standoff 2. It can be used to easily replace the skins of all the knives in the game, from the simplest to the incredibly rare knives that cost up to several thousand dollars. Do not want to spend money? Then Standoff is the best solution.

Dozens of knives and hundreds of skins...

... that you can create yourself! Yes, yes, there is a skin editor in the game. All you need to do is start your own server and then paint any knife you want. You can choose not only the whole palette of colors, but also more than 50 effects. For example, you can cover the handle and part of the blade with rust and at the same time illuminate the bloodstream with neon. It's up to you.

All skins can be saved, uploaded, and shared with other users. You can even create your own collection of knives that will only appear on your server. Then call your friends, divide into teams and slash each other until the last remaining player. He will be the winner. Match results are also saved in the ranking table.

Curious to know: All thumbnails have a handy extension that lets you convert them to modern image formats. You can use this to, for example, "stick" the sketch into Photoshop or another image editor and take advantage of the features of those programs to improve your skin.


  • useful skin editor;
  • ability to create a server;
  • save battle results;
  • no ads!

What's new:

  • New interface
  • New modes "Rocket Scuffle" and "Pistols Only"
  • New map "Dune"
  • New knife "Fang"
  • Stat track skins
  • More stickers
  • Promo codes and news
  • Updated Battle Pass.
  • Cases, boxes and sticker packs
  • Coins for buying boxes
  • New redesigned filters
  • New window when you first enter the game
  • Gift when entering the game
  • Bug fixes
  • Other minor changes
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