Project QT MOD (Unlocked) 20.0.654 APK

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Project QT MOD (Unlocked)

Project QT is a visual novel with erotic content, tactical combat, and role-playing elements. The game is made in anime style and offers a unique blend of seemingly completely different genres. The events take place in an amazing fantasy universe, and the once peaceful world is invaded by monsters from the Black Hole. They attack everyone and destroy everything they see. All would be nothing, but the monsters look like charming anime girls, and they not only win by force, but also envelop people with their charm, so that men cannot win.

Defeat the beauties and save the world

Not long thinking, it became clear that to defeat these temptresses can only other girls, and just as beautiful not to succumb to their charms. Therefore, the player must gather teams of heroines, create combat units from them and send them into battle. Players can expect an exciting adventure with role-playing elements, where there is a place for turn-based tactics, skill pumping, as well as a visual novel. As you progress, you will have to make a choice that will affect the various actions. The battles themselves are in the style of tactics, and each member of the squad goes in turn and performs different actions with the use of weapons. At the same time, there is a place for racy scenes and episodes, and many girls in the enemy squad, and players are ready to get naked at different moments of the story.

Game Features

  • Two-dimensional graphics with vibrant, juicy colors, smooth animation and recognizable anime style.
  • Fascinating story with non-linear narration and colorful moments. Visual novel elements with dialog.
  • Isometric style tactical combat with turn-based features and warrior skills.
  • Sexy scenes and nudity of many female characters.
  • Thoughtful and informative user interface.
Mod info:
  • Menu on Battle
  • HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
  • Auto Win
  • Enemy Kill
  • Next Turn
  • SKill Ready
  • Change every stone to color of choice
  • Change every stone to Block of choice

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