Download Kitten Match MOD (Unlimited Moves) 3.6.0 free on Android

Kitten Match is a fun adventure into the world of fluffy meowing kittens, which you must first rescue by taking them from the street to the shelter, and then arrange a new home for them, adding all the comforts. An infinite number of levels, thirty multicolored pedigree and not so pedigreed kittens, dozens of rooms in the shelter and thousands of interior items - all this will get the player, ready to engage in the rescue of animals and participate in solving puzzles of the genre "Three in a row". Placing colorful cubes is the only way to build a kitty mansion, where cute little pets can feel like kings of life.

Also here are:

  • boosters (greatly simplify the process of passing levels);
  • mini-games (pets need to be walked, fed, litter box cleaned);
  • nicknames (name your pets whatever you like);
  • bonuses (no spoilers here!).

And also the gameplay is wrapped in a bright, colorful painted shell that will surely leave no player indifferent. Add to that the care for animals and their incredibly cute faces.

Some of the puzzles may seem extremely difficult and require a lot of effort to solve. So try to save boosters and don't waste them during the first 20-30 levels. They will make the game easier in the future and add a lot of fun to the game.

Download Kitten Match MOD v3.6.0.apk (Size: 515.74 Mb)
[attachment=3042:Kitten Match MOD v3.5.0.apk] [attachment=2568:Kitten Match MOD v3.4.0.apk] [attachment=2176:Kitten Match MOD v3.3.0.apk] [attachment=1514:Kitten Match MOD v3.2.0.apk]
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