Download Sniper 3D Assassin MOD (Menu, VIP, Money, Ammo) 4.38.0 free on Android

Sniper 3D: Sniper 3D (VIP, Money, Ammo) is a first-person sniper shooter with an extensive single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. The game offers a variety of experiences including story and side quests, hundreds of weapons and more.

Become a better sniper

Okay, so it's basically a shooting gallery with a variety of missions and tasks, with detailed and enjoyable shooting, but without the ability to move freely. Nevertheless, you have to take into account various factors when firing any weapon, such as range and sometimes wind speed, depending on the mission and weather conditions. There are not only rifles, but many other weapons such as pistols, shotguns and automatic rifles. So in some missions you can only use certain weapons, while in other missions you can choose the types of weapons.

Mission variety

There are several types of missions in the game. For example, the main, unique and non-repeatable story missions, as well as endless additional missions. Some of them are needed to earn currency, while others are needed to progress through the story. The story itself tells of a noble sharpshooter who cleans the city of criminals, rescues the innocent and makes the streets safer. Postno grows experience, and with it opens access to new weapons and missions, and all fashionable weapons to upgrade and improve. It is also worth highlighting the multiplayer mode, where you will have to confront real players.

What's in the mod

In the game is a simple mod that adds a lot of gold. It will allow you to buy any weapon except donated and pump it to the maximum, but in order to open it, you still need to pass the tasks.

Game Features

  • Hundreds of different single player missions for everyone.
  • Advanced multiplayer mode over the Internet.
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics and advanced visual effects.
  • Intuitive controls and interface.
Mod info:


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Reset Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Reset Gems
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Silent Weapons
  • Max Rank
  • Premium Enabled
  • Remove Ads
  • Choose your level


  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Spread
  • Fast Reload
  • Damage Multipler
  • Zoom Multipler
  • Range Multipler
  • Weapon Size
  • Fire Rate

Note : Activate before purchasing coin or diamond products, press the reset button after purchasing the product. If you buy another product without pressing the reset button for the second time, you will receive a server error.

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