Download Takata Drift JDM MOD (Unlimited Money) 2.3 free on Android

Takata Drift JDM (Unlimited Money) is an arcade racing game with a drifting bias, where the player will be immersed in a world of tuned cars that are designed to go sideways on corners! Several game modes are available, including a mode in which points are awarded for the duration of the drift and its quality.

Learn a new way of driving!

It may seem like drifting is easy at first, but it's not! This is especially true in the specialized drift mode, where players compete for points based on drifting and speed alone. Here the level of drifting goes to a whole new stage, because now it will not be enough for the player to simply arrive at the finish line first, it is necessary to enter the corners beautifully, using every opportunity to start drifting and manage to get more points than the opponents.

Speed is an important indicator, because the higher the speed, the longer you can glide, it shows professionalism and high level of play! It is very important not to collide with obstacles on the way and other players, it reduces points and seriously reduces your pace.

Try testing different vehicle configurations, including changes to tires, engine, suspension and more. Depending on your preferred mode, you can use a higher speed configuration or one that best suits your drift mode.

Game Features

  • Many available modes
  • Tuning available
  • Built-in money mod
  • Atmospheric racing locations
Hack version 2.3 Not released, Waiting pensive, and in the meantime subscribe to updates.

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