Download Meifumado MOD (Full version, Unlimited money) 3.3.1 free on Android

Meifumado - A game set in a post-apocalyptic environment somewhere in the Japanese world. The main focus is on the player's ability to influence the course of the game. Through a variety of combat system choices, the player can change their decisions throughout the course of the game. The action takes place in a world where many years have passed after a global war and the world is in ruins. Several groups of people want to own the island of Yamatai. The main conflict of these groups unfolds on this island, where the events of the game take place. The player must make his choice: which of the groups to join and change the course of history.

Meifumado Game Features:

  • The game interface features several fighting styles, special attacks and abilities, and many different weapons. The player can choose and change the characteristics of his character throughout the game. [The character can not only fight. He can steal, craft, hunt, which is very helpful in passing the game. [The game features a huge world with many locations. Each of them has its own atmosphere and peculiarities. [Role-playing accents are the main ones: each choice has its own consequences, several endings, there are factions with their own ideologies and the player can take their side. [There are separate quests with several ways to complete them, which makes the game more interesting. [You can also do something: rob or escort caravans, gamble, fight in tournaments. [2D graphics with detailed elements and smooth animation
The further outcome of the whole gameplay depends on your choices. Each decision and battle is a step in the history of the struggle for Yamatai Island.

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