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Epic battles, piles of vehicles, fixed installations, 40 types of weapons, drones controlled from the ground, homing missiles, thermal cameras, explosions and wild dynamics - all this is Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile - a game that in terms of graphics and gameplay is not inferior to its PC counterparts.

Single-player campaign and multiplayer

The single-player game includes 12 missions, one of which will take us back to the legendary Verdania - home to snow, mines and the Gulag - the prototype of a city in the Soviet Union. The rest of the missions will also be filled with places and events already known to us, somehow found in the past games of the series on PC. We'll take a boat ride on the Amazon, walk over suspension bridges in the Andes, conquer the sands in the Sahara while driving a buggy, and even fly helicopters and fighter jets.

In multiplayer we will have access to 6 additional maps. And the modes in which we will be able to play are "King of the Mountain" and "Team Battle". There will be a lot of vehicles, rifles, uniforms, as well as a huge size of maps, which can accommodate 2 teams of 64 players - and this is in the mobile version! Moreover, the game is optimized for weak devices and is not demanding to the iron.

Once you create an account, it will start to receive combat experience. When you reach the limit, the experience will be converted to a rank. The ranks of allies and opponents will show how experienced they are and how great your chances of victory are.

Game Features:

  • AAA-level graphics;
  • highest replayability;
  • large-scale battles 64 vs 64 players.

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