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Mr. Hops 1 is a pixel adventure horror game with a side view, in which players will have to test their strong nerves, show courage and help a little girl get out of a mysterious and very frightening situation. The protagonist is afraid of an old toy rabbit named Hopalong, which she got from her late grandmother. One night she discovers that her toy is missing from her room and her parents are nowhere to be found. Is a terrifying monster roaming the house looking for victims?

Plunge into the dark atmosphere of horror

Together with a little girl you will have to pass long dark corridors in which dangerous toys roam. Hide behind furniture and various objects, wisely use the things around you. Explore the house in search of clues. Solve the most difficult puzzles, go through a huge number of obstacles to get out of the scary rooms. But be careful not to touch the scattered toys. After all, if the rabbit hears you and catches you, it will be almost impossible to escape from him!

Game Features

  • Frightening, creepy and unusual atmosphere is conveyed by the soundtrack and pixel graphics.
  • The storyline with an exciting story about a brave girl in a big dark house.
  • The presence of several locations with a unique interior, helping to adapt to different situations of the game.
  • Comfortable and exciting gameplay that will not leave indifferent even the most avid gamers.

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