The Pathless 3.0 APK

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The Pathless - an unusual colorful adventure game about two memorable characters. Together with the eagle and the archer go on an exciting journey through a fairy-tale world with picturesque landscapes, dangerous wild animals, places full of secrets. Become a professional hunter and hit your victims with a single shot, using the skills of the eagle. Plunge into the atmosphere of mysticism and ancient stories with graphics from modern anime series.

Get to know the exciting gameplay

The world of the game is based on a 3D platformer full of various natural locations with obstacles of varying difficulty. To get through them and continue to fulfill the story quests, the heroine will have to jump, run and even fly a lot. Perform logical tasks, get to the undead master and defeat him. Along the way, collect artifacts, explore the magical forest, pump your archery skills, and learn spells. Do not forget that to defeat the evil you will need not only pumped weapons and skills, but also a well-thought-out strategy.

Game Features

  • Improved mechanics of hunting mysterious spirits and creatures: tracking prey in tall grass, exploring space with the help of an eagle.
  • Open world with different natural areas: tundra, forest, meadow, islands and others.
  • Solving puzzles reveal information about the history of the game world.
  • Thoughtful interaction between the main characters, which must be pumped to open combinations of techniques.
  • Author's musical accompaniment and high-quality graphics helps to plunge into the world of fantasy.

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