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ReBrawl is a private server based on the popular Brawl Stars game. The modification is completely autonomous in terms of servers, so do not be afraid of being banned. The gameplay remains the same, but with some balance changes, modified skills and other elements that make the game more elaborate. In addition, all fighters are open from the start, including other items and consumables in the game.

Players will also be able to purchase almost all of the game's content, as there is a large amount of currency available, including not only gold but also crystals. Players can expect bright and fun battles in the MOBA genre, where there is a division into teams, battles with bots and battles with real players. Customisable matches will allow you to choose the mode and rules you prefer.

Server Features

  • A minor redesign of the original Brawl Stars, offering an updated balance of skills, weapons and other in-game items.
  • Includes all the original content, which can be purchased for unlimited in-game currency.
  • All fighters and skins are open.
  • An individual private server with its own settings and rules, not connected to the main game.
ReBrawl 2024

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