Download StandRise (Private Server) for Standoff 2 0.15.0 F2 free on Android

StandRise is a private server for the famous first-person shooter Standoff 2. It doesn't change the core gameplay and leaves all the content available, the focus is on other things. For all users of the server are initially open all items, weapons and skins of the original game, so that users will be able to enjoy the full gameplay, explore all the equipment, weapons and weapons, as well as characters. Players are given infinite currency at the very start, which will allow to purchase completely everything in the game. Gameplay is presented in the form of a classic multiplayer first-person shooter, but for mobile platforms. There is a division into teams, a variety of maps and modes, dozens of weapons and various equipment, and much more.

Server Features

  • Frequent server that opens access to all content of the original game.
  • Infinite amount of currency, which is enough to buy any possible items and then test them.
  • Dozens of detailed maps and weapons, as well as modes.
  • Elaborate three-dimensional graphics and high-quality sound contribute to immersion in battles.
  • Convenient and well-thought-out touch control, customizing it to your needs.

What's New

  • Multiple game modes: Competitive, Bomb Laying, Team Battle, Arcade, Training and Pumpkin Mayhem
  • Unusual skins, stickers and charms
  • Exclusive maps
  • Lots of weapons and inventory including new knives
  • Animated avatars
  • Lobby
  • Statistics
  • StatTracks
  • Messaging
  • Open cases and boxes


  • BattlePass
  • Sign in with a google account
  • Added anti-cheat
  • Standoff on the original version of standoff 2 as 0.10.11
  • Crash fix
  • Removed error update available

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