Project Evolution (Private Server Standoff 2) 4.3 APK

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Project Evolution (Private Server Standoff 2)

Project Evolution Privatka is a first-person shooter in the genre of online action, and at the same time a private modified server for the game Standoff 2. In this case, the server is made as a separate game, which will not affect the user's profile in the original, which in turn will not lead to a ban. The game has a lot of new chips and improvements. For example, updated graphics, interface, skins, weapons, redesigned a number of modes, redesigned weapon balance and much more.

Besides that, the game has unprecedented maps, and several existing ones have been remade to make the gameplay more diverse. The controls are a bit more responsive and precise, making it even easier to control your character on the battlefield. Otherwise and in essence, the gameplay follows the original and is a shooter with various online modes on compact maps.

Server Features

  • Remake of the classic Standoff 2 to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.
  • Improved graphics, controls, and user interface.
  • New content including maps, trunks, skins, and more.
  • Sophisticated gameplay in the form of a tactical first-person shooter with modern weaponry.

What's new in Project Evolution 4.2

  • New servers.
  • Improved anti-chit.
  • Donations are working again.
  • Small improvements.
  • New permanent modes - "Escalation" and "Allies".
  • New temporary modes - "Sniper Battle", "Race in the Crosshairs".
  • New collections - "Sharp" and "5 Years".
  • Upgrade to version 0.19.0 (Dual Daggers, Zone 5, new killfeed markers, etc.).
  • Fix saving stats after a match.
  • Improvements in competitive games.
  • New donation system
  • Lobby.
  • Keychains.
  • Added Safe Area (Optimization for Cutout).
  • Received experience increased by 2 times
  • Improved optimization.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

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