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Poppy playtime chapter 3 - having fallen into the underground shelter under the toy factory, the player will have to find a way out of this horrible place! Horror with puzzle elements will require a lot of attention to detail, finding new ways to find the clues in the locations.

There are several storyline endings to choose from, including the ability to permanently exterminate the dangerous creatures that dwell beneath the toy factory! Make your way through the underground and ventilation passages, and be sure to use a gas mask while traveling in a cloud of red smoke to survive and defeat the enemy.

Game Features

  • Multiple endings
  • Non-linear story
  • Puzzles

There are a lot of interesting references, additional information related to the plot of the game, most of such information is located in closed rooms, hidden behind various objects hidden from the player's gaze. Find all the passhalts and references to the previous parts to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the game! Try to avoid unnecessary glances from dangerous toys, ready to tear the player at any moment.

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