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Mr Bean - Special Delivery is an arcade racing game with side view. The setting is based on the famous character Mr. Bean. More precisely on the cartoon series of the same name about this hero, from where the design is taken. Players will be able to control Mr. Bean as the driver of his famous car, and choose other cars. The point is to pass the level without flipping to the finish line, as well as not to drop the cargo that the hero needs. There is also an endless mode, as well as other options for races. There are specially created tracks, and those that are infinitely generated, throwing up all new conditions. In the game there is no standard plot, but there are certain goals and objectives, as well as the trademark humor of the source material, familiar locations, as well as characters.

Mr. Bean goes on a business trip

The main character's car can be improved by several parameters and besides his signature car, there are some other cars that can be unlocked and bought. The game has realistic physics of collisions, clutching and load balancing which makes it fun to play. It does bring a challenge, but without being significantly over the top. There are 4 main zones that include multiple tracks. These locations differ not only in backgrounds and scenery, but also in the set of obstacles on the track, terrain folds, and other chips.

What does the mod do?

The modification opens up access to a large amount of gems. Donated game currency, which will allow you to buy any vehicles, improvements, characters, skins and boosters.

Game Features

  • Addictive physics-based driving on hilly roads.
  • The adventure of the dopey and charming character Mr. Bean on his car.
  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics, which exactly reproduces the style of the animated series about the character of the same name.
  • Simple touch control that uses only a couple of fingers at a time.
MOD Info:
  • Unlimited number of gems.

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