Download Attack on Tank: World Warfare MOD (Unlimited Money) 4.1.2 free on Android

Download the latest version of Attack on Tank: World Warfare MOD (Unlimited Money) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Attack on Tank - is a hardcore military simulator that allows you to control military armored, ground and air vehicles. The game includes a single-player campaign, divided into combat missions, and a multiplayer mode. The first one is dedicated to large-scale battles on large maps. Moreover, in some missions you can use a wide range of equipment, and the missions differ in objectives, and take place on a variety of maps. Locations are large in size, which will allow you to think through tactics. So and appreciate the incredible scale of battles. In the single-player game you can fight against the AI, which acts very logically.

Grand Realism

Online is the main part of the game that is emphasized. Players will be able to unlock new types of vehicles, and show class on the battlefield. Modes come in a variety of ways, centered around capturing and holding points, destroying enemies, and other variations. Locations will be able to be of different types and include even water. On these maps, you can call in support ships in the form of area fire. Each tank or airplane has realistic physical parameters and characteristics, as well as armament. The damage system is also close to reality. Certain parts of the equipment can fail, or can be destroyed altogether.

What does the mod do?

The mod gives you a lot of gold and silver coins. This will allow you to unlock and buy any tanks and planes, as well as maximize their improvement.

Game Features

  • Plausibly realized armored vehicles of ground type, as well as aircraft. All created on the basis of real samples of weapons.
  • Dozens of types of controlled vehicles including tanks and airplanes. All vehicles vary in terms of control and characteristics.
  • Maps of huge size, which gives the necessary space for tactical actions.
  • Single-player campaign, consisting of tactical missions with different tasks.
  • Multiplayer, which will allow dozens of players to fight at the same time.

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