Download Garten of Banban 6 (Full Version) 1.0 free on Android

Garten of Banban 6 is a horror game based on the plot of searching for a missing child in a sinister kindergarten. The player overcomes various obstacles and progresses through mini-games. Facing mutants and collecting information, the parent gradually approaches the solution of the strange institution. The further the player wanders into the gloomy corridors and rooms, the more dark secrets are revealed. Each successive level presents a new challenge, requiring new skills and wit.

Expert opinion. Each version of the game series drives you further and further into the depths of corridors with monsters. This is not put monotonous, because every time you have to face new challenges.

Game Features

  • High quality graphics in the game creates a realistic and creepy atmosphere of an abandoned building.
  • Improved system of fights and skills. The updated system gives the effect of individuality and empowerment by adapting characters to the chosen style of play.

The Banban Children's Garden is a creepy place. There are no children here, but there are enemies on every corner. The player, who is the parent of a lost child, wanders the gloomy corridors and explores forgotten rooms. At times he is accompanied by Sheriff Toadster, who shares his concerns about the place.

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