Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode) 1.794 free on Android

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack - space, pixel shooter about the defense of Earth from alien invading ships. Stand on the side of humanity, which is threatened by external danger. Kill monsters, pump skills and upgrade modules of your spacecraft. This game brings to the space shooter genre an exciting story, customizable customization of your spaceship.

The vast expanse of a hostile vacuum

You'll only have one mission. But what a mission! Over the course of 45 levels, you'll have to destroy armadas of enemy spaceships led by their generals. Each general is a boss that appears at the end of the level. After defeating him, you will get experience and money, which can be spent on installing new guns, strengthening the ship's defense, buying consumables like defense fields, speed boosters and others.

Every new foray into outer space is a challenge. The space is filled not so much with meteorites and other extraterrestrial debris, but with smart creatures, distinguished by intelligence, using tactics, calling for reinforcements. The scariest of them all are the bosses. They fly giant machines defended by homing projectiles, lasers, light pulsars, plasma beams. You survived? Keep going. There are many battles ahead.

Try not to spend boosters when fighting regular stormtroopers - save them for the battle with the final bosses.

Game Features:

  • retro graphics;
  • frantic dynamics;
  • high replayability.

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