Download World of Goo Remastered MOD (Unlocked) 1.0.23082408 free on Android

World of Goo Remastered is a puzzle game for creating various objects from Netflix. You need to build them from a set of movable Goo Balls to get to the goal. On the way there are obstacles, to overcome which you need to connect wit. In the story of the game you need to help the balls get to special pipes. Structures are created by adhesive lines, on which the balls move further. Connect will have to not only them, but also additional objects encountered on the way.

The balls not only need to be completed, but also moved, thinking up different ways. There are no limits to your creativity: you can come up with your own way of solving the problem.

Objects and structures are subject to the laws of physics. A swaying tower, a falling bridge - these and similar structures will not stand unless you figure out how to improve them. Each level will require more ingenuity and logical solutions. Pay attention! In addition to violating the laws of physics, the structures are threatened by bombs. One careless move and at least half of the labor will be destroyed.

Game Features:

  • Colorful game style;
  • Diverse levels with non-repeating tasks;
  • Simple gameplay.
The game is designed for all ages. But the advanced levels require unconventional solutions.

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