Download Matreshka RP MOD (Unlimited money) 1.3 free on Android

Matreshka RP belongs to the category of role-playing games. The point of the game is that the gamer can realize his dreams and become whoever he wants. You can easily play the chosen role. In the game there is a large selection of cars, which fully replicate the real existing ones. In addition, the maps of cities have a 3D view and are as detailed as possible. Also users can choose different professions and try themselves in them. There are additional quests in the game, which you can earn a lot of money by completing.

Real Simulation

The game is as realistic as possible. For example, you can become a real criminal mastermind or lead a peaceful life. Want to start a family and go to work every day? No problem. Dream of a rich house and a cool car? All this is in the game. Additionally it is worth mentioning the presence of voice chat. So players can communicate with each other. This allows you to make new acquaintances or complete quests with friends.

Game Features:

You can become anything you want. There are many professions in the game. You can also become a gang leader and so on. A large world and a detailed map that is fully explorable.

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