Strange Hill MOD (Unlimited Money, God Mode) 1.0.3 APK

Download the latest version of Strange Hill MOD (Unlimited Money, God Mode) APK for Android. Experience the 2024 gaming trend that's captivating players globally.

Strange Hill is a third-person platformer in which the player will find himself in a strange city. Will need to solve local puzzles to solve the mystery of the mysterious doctor, because his actions are driving the entire population crazy. At the same time you will have to find a solution to an unknown predator that seeks to devour the soul of the protagonist.

The general principles of the game are reminiscent of the famous A Hat in Time. The gamer has to explore locations, search for secrets and complete tasks, while overcoming platforming sections of levels.

The gameplay of Strange Hill consists of exploring locations. The spacious levels are filled with various quests and puzzles. The population is made up of cute bunnies that can put a careless person on a blade. For defense, the player is able to use an electroshock glove. There are a lot of interactive items scattered around the locations, all of which help to reveal the story or refer to some movies, events or art objects.

According to the plot, the player finds himself in the city of Strange Wood City. The local population is divided into clans, between which there are conflicts and clashes. The reason for this could be the experiments of Dr. Wood and his assistant Gloria. The gamer has to figure out what is going on, help the surrounding population in resolving conflicts and find a way to find out what the ambitious doctor is doing and what his research could eventually lead to. To do this, you'll have to perform tasks for the locals and even travel between worlds. Strange Hill is constantly being updated and the story gets more new chapters with each update.

Menu Mod:
  • Unlimited Currency
  • God Mode
  • Game Speed X2

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