Download Frozen City MOD (Full version/No ADS) 1.9.27 free on Android

Frozen City is a casual-style city-building simulator whose events take place in a snowy apocalypse. The user interacts with the game world, making decisions that affect the survival of the city and the progress of the story. One has to gather resources, manage survivors, explore the environment, develop production chains and expand the city settlements. The goal of the game is to ensure the stability and development of the city while coping with challenges such as food shortages, low temperatures and social protests.

Game Features

  • Simulation of survival in the ice and snow apocalypse.
  • Manage the survivors: assign them to positions, monitor their health and happiness.
  • Exploring the natural environment to find supplies and uncover history.
  • Building and developing urban settlements.
  • Managing resources and creating production chains.
  • Balancing the needs of survivors and city growth.
  • Reacting to difficult situations such as weather conditions and social protests.
  • Progressive expansion of the city, attracting new survivors and creating an army or gang for defense.

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